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A Vote for One-Use Gadgets

Jeff Gomez, in his series on owning a Kindle, voices a preference for multiple gadgets each doing one thing well: One thing that I don't mind about the Kindle is that it's an extra device. I used to think that I wanted an integrated device — one thing that did everything — and that I wouldn't want to carry…

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Kindle Projections, Roadblocks and Sightings

Theresa Poletti from MarketWatch comments on the relative absence of Kindle sightings, particularly in Silicon Valley: The biggest problem is the fact that the Kindle is only available online, via the Amazon.com Website. For many consumer electronics products, potential buyers need to touch and feel the device, to pick it up and play with it, before making any kind…

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Which Game is the Kindle Changing?

The Kindle might not change reading patterns, but it could disrupt shopping.

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Mobile Frenzy Feeds Mobile Carriers

During the "2018: Life on the Net" panel at the Fortune Brainstorm: Tech conference, Joichi Ito noted that money sometimes follows money in a not necessarily thoughtful manner. One example is in mobile, where the mobile frenzy is in actuality pumping very significant amounts of money into the carriers' pockets. It's an important point to remember. Here's the clip from…

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Mobile Barcode Scanners and Retail Stores on Collision Course

Ilya Vedrashko points out a near-term future scenario in which retail sites are going to have to entirely rethink what integration into online services means: The obvious future of in-store experience: you find something you like, reach into your pocket for a small device, scan the barcode, and the device tells you whether and where the same product is…

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Ebook Adoption Could Come from Mobile Apps, Not Hardware

Martyn Daniels speculates on the real breakthrough for Apple — its store — and the ramifications for ebooks; particularly, who is best positioned to take advantage of providing tools to the market: Many have said that if Apple were to create an ebook reader then the market would take off. Others have agreed that the content and it[s] packaging would…

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