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Tim O'Reilly – Why Twitter Matters for News

Twitter has been used for a lot of different purposes, and one has been to report breaking news. But there’s been some criticism of how Twitter deals with news, such as the Swine Flu outbreak. With that in mind, O’Reilly Week in Review talked to Tim O’Reilly himself, co-author of the new Twitter Book, about the role of Twitter in informing the public.

Peter Brantley Joins Internet Archive

Longtime "Foo" (Friend-of-O'Reilly) and TOC Conference adviser and blogger Peter Brantley has joined the Internet Archive as its Director. From the news release: In this role, he will direct our efforts and help coordinate with partners in building an open library and distributed publishing system. Congrats Peter!…

O'Reilly Ebooks: 130 Top Titles Now Available, Plus an iPhone App and Head First PDFs

While there will always be a demand for printed books, few of those books will have a life entirely disconnected from the wider digital Web. In that sense, all publishing is becoming digital publishing, and all writing is writing for the Web. That's a big shift, and it will take time for the existing players to make the transition (and…

Validators: Asking for Donations to Pay for the News

The New York times has a short article on community-funded journalism, in which the public pays a journalist in advance to cover a topic.

News Roundup: Google's Book Scanning, Kindle's Future Path, Authorship Increases Exponentially, Amazon Takes on "Amazon Tax," 5 DRM Messes

A Glimpse into Google's Book Scanning Google doesn't divulge specifics about its proprietary book scanning set-up, but the Associated Press offers a brief look into the manual scanning process used for old/fragile titles. (Continue reading) Kindle's All-Encompassing Future Path Jeff Nolan writes about the path of the Kindle: It's clear that [Jeff] Bezos sees a day when any and all…

News Roundup: Kindle 2.0 Speculation, Wikipedia: The Book, "Dilbert" Embraces User-Generated Content, Mobile Audiobook Downloads, Tracking Drafts and Revisions

Speculation on Kindle 2.0 Ars Technica speculates on what the Kindle 2.0 might provide: … the general hardware configuration appears to be here for a while. The fact that they're still selling the current version also suggests that they have committed to this design in all its white-plastic glory. In the long term, there's still the option of moving some…

News Roundup: Online's Share Increases, New York's "Amazon" Tax, Open Source Textbooks, Edits Shown in Pan Macmillan Ebooks, Penguin UK's Simultaneous Print-Ebook Plan

Weekly publishing news roundup – April 18, 2008.

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