"ownership" entries

Access or ownership: Which will be the default?

The ease of access and the desire to own appear to be on a collision course.

Business, media, publishing, data, education — these are all areas where access vs. ownership has organically popped up in Radar’s coverage. But which model will win out in the long term?

What if a book is just a URL?

A software company and an Australian bookstore are experimenting with books in the cloud.

Australian indie bookstore Readings is in full experiment mode with a cloud-based pay-for-access model. Software and ebook files don't play a role — everything is done through the browser.

It's a time-sharing world

"The Mesh" author Lisa Gansky on the shift from ownership to sharing.

Why own when sharing will do? In this interview, "The Mesh" author Lisa Gansky discusses the rise of sharing goods and services and how companies are adapting.

This. . . is. . . Sparta! The Culture of Education 2.0

As I write these words, the culture of Education 2.0 is coming into being. This culture will bind and guide students, teachers, technology providers, consumers, parents, and children, well into the century ahead. Cultures are built using models – paradigms and ideals against which we compare our new community. Just as the American culture in the 17th and 18th century…