Free Computers for Local Schools

If you’re located in the Bay Area, take a bit of time out this weekend to help the community and the environment. On Saturday, March 1st, the Alameda County Computer Resource Center together with Untangle, are hosting an installfest in 4 locations: San Francisco, Berkeley, San Mateo, and Novato. They’ll be installing Ubuntu, Firefox, Open Office, and more on recycled machines and donating them to local schools. Based on a trial run, their goal is to set up 500 machines this weekend, diverting approximately 25,000 pounds of toxic e-waste from the landfill.

If you’re not located in the Bay Area, ask your local Linux user group if there’s a similar program in your city. It’s a growing trend, combining concern for the environment, equal access to technology for less advantaged children (and adults), and open source advocacy.

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