Exploring the Facebook Application Ecosystem: A New O'Reilly Radar Report

After we published our Facebook Application Platform report, we heard from a lot of people. One of them was Shelly Farnham. And like Victor Kiam, the entrepreneur who liked that razor so much he bought the company, we liked Farnham’s ideas so much that we’re publishing her report.

With Graphingl Social Patterns West going on this week in parallel with ETech, it’s a good time to release the new O’Reilly Radar report, The Facebook Application Ecosystem: Why Some Thrive — and Most Don’t. Stuffed with data, the report shows the application features that lead to success, the best practices for launching and building Facebook applications, why people are using the top Facebook applications, and whether targeting demographics or user interests is a surer way to success.

Our original Facebook report showed, for the first time, how Facebook has become a winner-takes-all platform. This new report shows what to do to be among the winners.

You can order the report here.

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