Nice Visualization of Candidates' Speeches

Paul Kedrosky pointed to a great visualization of what the candidates are talking about, from the new Dow Jones Insight Election Blog:

stacked bar chart of candidate issues in the media

Biggest one to note: Health care remains big for the Democrats (24% of all mentions) and small for the GOP (9%). The economy is No. 1 for everyone.

The difference in domestic issue coverage between Obama and Clinton is slight, with the concept of “terrorism” and “health care” being the only places where there is noticeable difference. Obama gets more mentions in close proximity to terrorism to Clinton’s edge in health care….

Terrorism continues to be McCain’s issue, second only to the economy.

Click on the image above to see a readable copy.

There aren’t a lot of details about their methodology, but presumably this is a demonstration of what you get when you subscribe to Dow Jones Insight and can point it to your own topics of interest. Unfortunately, they suffer from the corporate inaccessibility that dooms so many great products to avoidance by early adopters. Rather than giving you any real information, they ask for your info so a sales person can contact you. (I remember having this argument with the folks at Microsoft about their “sign up for a sales call” mapping APIs, before Google blew them all away by providing simple self-service sign-up.)

Nonetheless, this is definitely a blog I’m going to be following from now on.

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