The Suspended Facebook App Top Friends

Techmeme and CNET are reporting that one of the most popular Facebook apps has been “suspended” due to security concerns uncovered by a user:

Until Facebook suspended the Top Friends app, created by Slide, anyone could browse partial profiles of anyone else on Facebook who had added Top Friends to their page. CNET confirmed that the security hole exposed the birthdays, gender, and relationship status of strangers, including Facebook executives, the wife of Google co-founder Larry Page, and one profile that seemed to belong to Paris Hilton that used her middle name “Whitney.”

According to our research data, Top Friends has been among the Top 3 most used applications pretty much since the Facebook platform launched. Since early April 2008, it has averaged around 1.7M active users and has been the third most popular application:

With close to 30K Facebook applications now in existence, I’m sure many others suffer from similar security problems.

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