Report Your Vote via Twitter & iPhone

twitter vote report map

Have you voted? Are you having problems voting? Are the lines at your polling station short or long? Let your fellow voters know via Twitter Vote Report. The site will aggregate all tagged tweets (use #votereport) and share the results publicly.

voter wait times The tweets are being analyzed and displayed on maps. Waiting times are also being plotted and analyzed.

You need to have #votereport for your tweet to be picked up. If you want to add more information include:

  • #[zip code] to indicate the zip code where you’re voting; ex., “#12345″ L:[address or city] to drill down to your exact location; ex. “L:1600 Pennsylvania Avenue DC”
  • #machine for machine problems; ex., “#machine broken, using prov. ballot”
  • #reg for registration troubles; ex., “#reg I wasn’t on the rolls”
  • #wait:[minutes] for long lines; ex., “#wait:120 and I’m coming back later”
  • #early if you’re voting before November 4th
  • #good or #bad to give a quick sense of your overall experience
  • #EP[your state] if you have a serious problem and need help from the Election Protection coalition ex.,#EPOH

If you or a friend aren’t Twitter users there is a slick iPhone app. The free app will let you rate the polling station, leave an audio report, and share the waiting time. Surprisingly the app does not submit your location; it only shares the location that you type in.

The project was initiated by David Troy (Twittervision) and Andrew Turner (FortiusOne). With almost 500 tweets collected so far, they should serve as a great early-warning system for voting problems. After the election is over, they’ll have created one of the best sets of voting condition data.

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