Four short links: 2 Mar 2009

You open the letterbox. Inside are four interesting links covering politics, mobile business, Javascript, and MySQL:

  1. The Minimal Compact (Adam Greenfield) — a manifesto on “open source constitutions for post-national entities”. Sample: “Of interest are alternatives that are designed from the beginning to: Ensure the greatest freedom for the greatest number, without simultaneously abridging the freedoms of others; Permit individuals with common goals and beliefs to act in their own interest at the global level and with all the privileges afforded nation states, even when those individuals are separated by distance; Provide robust resistance to attempts to concentrate power, and other abuses of same.”
  2. Wireless carrier financial results (Matt Gross) — Matt extracted the data from GigaOm’s article on wireless carrier finances and presented them in simple tables for comparison.
  3. jQuery Sparklines — elegant micro-charting library.
  4. How Friendfeed Uses MySQL to Store Schemaless Data — another entry in the post-normalized database stakes. “We like MySQL for storage, just not RDBMS usage patterns.”
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