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How did we end up with a centralized Internet for the NSA to mine?

The Internet is naturally decentralized, but it's distorted by business considerations.

I’m sure it was a Wired editor, and not the author Steven Levy, who assigned the title “How the NSA Almost Killed the Internet” to yesterday’s fine article about the pressures on large social networking sites. Whoever chose the title, it’s justifiably grandiose because to many people, yes, companies such as Facebook and Google constitute what they know…
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If followers can sponsor updates on Facebook, social advertising has a new horizon

The frequency of sponsored posts looks set to grow.

This week, I found that one of my Facebook updates received significantly more attention that others I’ve posted. On the one hand, it was a share of an important New York Times story focusing on the first time a baby was cured of HIV. But I discovered something that went beyond the story itself: someone who was not…
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Social networks are not communities, and other discussions from the Community Leadership Summit

A report from last weekend's unconference

The Community Leadership Summit this past weekend roused thoughts in me about the predictions and analyses I’ve heard over the past few years about social networking and to contrast them with what we were saying about community. I realized that I appreciate social networks but feel much more passionate about communities, and spontaneously called for a session to…
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MySQL in 2012: Report from Percona Live

Checking in on the state of MySQL.

Contrasting deployments at craigslit and Pinterest, trends, commercial offerings, and more

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What the data can tell us about dating and other social congregation

As people go online, they leave a trail of data that could never be captured before.

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HealthTap's growth validates hypotheses about doctors and patients

HealthTap has revealed two interesting and perhaps unexpected traits about doctors: they will take the time to post information online for free, and they are willing to rate each other.

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Demoting Halder: A wild look at social tracking and sentiment analysis

You no longer have control over where a first impression occurs.

My short story, "Demoting Halder," was supposed to lay out an alternative reality where social tracking and sentiment analysis had taken over society. As the story evolved, I wondered if the reality in the story is something we're living right now.

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HealthTap explores how big a community you need to crowdsource health information

How a company addresses the challenges of trust, motivation, outreach, and accuracy while creating doctor/patient connections.

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Open Media Boston forum examines revolution and Internet use in Middle East

I came away convinced that Internet sites — Facebook in
particular — were crucial to the spread of the revolutions.

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Media old and new are mobilized for effective causes

Sasha Costanza-Chock on why old and new media will continue to co-exist.

Sasha Costanza-Chock explains why both conventional media and social networks are critical resources, and why social causes have just as much trouble as corporations using the latter effectively.

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