Four short links: 22 May 2009

Villainous Javascript, Funding the Arts, Peak Web, and Crowdsourced Quality Control at a Museum

  1. Hiding Dirty Deeds: “Encrypted” Client-Side Code — obfuscated Javascript from a Facebook phishing site, deconstructed and reconstructed, parsed and glossed for understanding. It reminds me of the best obfuscated Perl: Latin, string substitution, runtime and compile-time semantics … a work of evil art. (via waxy)
  2. Kickstarter — artistic commercial version of PledgeBank. You say “I want to do [X] by Y and it takes $Z” and people can donate to your goal. (via waxpancake on Twitter)
  3. Peak Web (Chris Heathcote) — My biggest problem is that people always perceive the near-past, present and near-future as having the most technological change, and the speed of decline of the old new media feels wrong. I am, however, thinking that there’s something true in one reading of the graph: we may be at or past Peak Web.
  4. Crowdsourcing the Cleanup with Freeze Tag — The Awe-Worthy Brooklyn Museum, like all cultural institutions, have more objects than they can add metadata to. They let users provide metadata through tagging, but all crowdsourcing projects permit vandals. Their solution: crowdsource the cleanup. My only question is whether this will become a game between vandals and janitors. Brooklyn Museum is noteworthy for their insanely great use of the web, check them out and please support them if you like what you see.

sign with Twitter URL in big letters and facebook in small ones
Warning sign of peak web

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