Four short links: 16 June 2009

  1. Dealing with Election Results Data — taking the raw UK European election data into Google’s Fusion Tables to try and make sense of it. More cloud-based tools for the data scientist within. (via Simon Willison)
  2. Time for an Open 311 API — “311” is the US number to call for non-emergency municipal services. There have been a lot of individual projects to hack together web sites that provide the single coherent view of government services that the government itself is unable to offer, but the individual projects have all built their own APIs. SeeClickFix suggest these be unified so tools can be written (e.g., iPhone apps) that run across multiple municipalities. (via timoreilly on Twitter)
  3. Shoppers Cars Soon Able to Power Supermarkets (Daily Mail) — At the Sainsbury’s store in Gloucester, kinetic plates, which were embedded in the road yesterday, are pushed down every time a vehicle passes over them. A pumping action is then initiated through a series of hydraulic pipes that drive a generator. The plates are able to produce 30kw of green energy an hour – more than enough to power the store’s checkouts. (via Freaklabs)
  4. Humans Prefer Cockiness to Expertise (New Scientist) — the blogosphere explained in one paper. (via Mind Hacks)
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