Four short links: 6 July 2009

iPhone Maps, Tooth Milling, Scratch Updated, Newspapers for All

  1. Offline Mapping App for iPhone — carry Open Street Maps maps with you even when you’re not in 3G/wifi range. (via Elisabeth)
  2. My dentist used an in-office CAD & CNC mill to produce a new tooth for me today (Nat Friedman) — hello, future!
  3. New version of Scratch released — Scratch is an excellent way to teach kids how to program (I’ve had success with lots of 7 and 8 year olds). The new version includes keyboard entry, webcams, and support for Lego WeDo. The user interface has also been changed to work on a Netbook’s 800×600 screen. Kudos to the Scratch team! (via scratchteam on Twitter)
  4. Newspaper Club – a Work in Progress — blog for the Newspaper Club project. “We’re building a service to help people make their own newspapers. This is the blog where we’re alarmingly honest about where it’s all going wrong.” I can’t figure out whether this is a brilliant decentralisation move that will disrupt the newspaper industry, or a paper form of steampunk. (via Simon Willison)
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  • Disrupt the newspaper industry? Nothing will disrupt the newspaper industry!!

  • For dental treatment, I usually go to the IU School of Dentistry, which is a few blocks away from where I work at the School of Medicine.

    A couple of years ago they installed a dental implant which had to be custom made in Switzerland. Even at Dental School prices, the cost for the implant and procedure was ~$1500 US, and the implant itself was supposed to be about half the cost.

    I hope the CAD/CNC setup becomes more common because implants are expensive, and it might make them more affordable. On the other hand, it could easily turn into an additional profit center for a dental office.