Four short links: 19 January 2010

Stack Overflow Data, Open Source GSM, Nostalgia, and Openness

  1. Stack Overflow Data Dumpall public data in Stack Overflow, Server Fault, and Super User.
  2. OpenBTSan open-source Unix application that uses the Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) to present a GSM air interface (“Um”) to standard GSM handset and uses the Asterisk software PBX to connect calls. Portable mobile phone basestation that routes calls over the Internet.
  3. Should We Encourage Self-Promotion and Lies? (Tom Coates) — And while encouraging people to spot the talented and the creative, we should also be considering how we shame those people who self-promote without creating. The financial collapse has taught us that rhetorical bubbles divorced from reality are a danger to us all. We’re already approaching this point – our industry has become venal, insular and dominated by marketing. We have come to value the wrong things. And if we want a continued vigorous, creative, free, open and equal environment, that’s something we have to fix. It’s not something to aspire to. Related: danah boyd’s tweet, Sometimes I feel deeply nostalgic about the days when the interwebs were filled with the techno-utopian dreams of geeks and freaks.
  4. The Opposite of Open is Theirs (David Weinberger) — absolutely nails the nature of openness. A quick must-read. (via timo on Delicious)
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  • Kenneth Younger

    I don’t know if this was just a one time thing – but this post came through RSS as one large paragraph of text, much more difficult to read than the previous method of formatting (which looked very similar to how it is formatted on the actual page).

  • Kenneth Younger

    Never mind – I just started subscribing to O’Reilly News which showed this awkwardly, but this did show up correctly in the Radar feed.

  • bowerbird

    > Should We Encourage Self-Promotion and Lies?

    i can tell you from my personal experience that
    it’d be a full-time job trying to correct the lies
    growing from the self-promotional tendencies of
    the people speaking at o’reilly conferences alone…


  • Andrew Odewahn

    The stackoverflow data is a valuable resource — I used it to create a topic map based on tag pairings:

  • David Brickner

    …opposite of open…

    Maybe this is why Wikipedia, to me, feels like the Internet the way it should be. Because “we” own it, still. Same with Craigslist. Very Web 2.0. Which, kinda means that Web 2.0 is really Web 1.0, in that it is allowing the community to reclaim some measure of ownership over the parts of the Web they can’t directly control.