Four short links: 11 February 2010

USB Monitors, Presentation Secrets, Upload Widget, Government Data Flood

  1. Mimo Monitors — USB-powered external monitors for your laptop or desktop, and you can daisy-chain them for multiple external monitors. Opens the possibility of task-specific monitors (one for chat, one for email, one for shell, one for code, …). Monitors are 7″ (800×480) and there’s even a touchscreen option. (via James Duncan)
  2. The Secrets of Malcolm Gladwell — how to give a talk like Malcolm Gladwell. A short read and interesting. (via thestrategist)
  3. Plupload — a nice widget to handle file uploads (drag’n’drop, resizing, etc.). Has backends for Flash, Gears, HTML5, Silverlight, and Yahoo’s BrowserPlus, selects the best that’s available. (via Simon Willison)
  4. The Coming Data Flood (Sunlight Labs) — Three and a half years after their launch of They’re looking at incredible exponential growth. Last year they saw more than a doubling of new datasets being released. It isn’t crazy to suspect we’ll see the same exponential curve of data growth coming out of the federal government and other municipalities as they follow suit.
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