1 in 4 Facebook Users Come From Asia or the Middle East

Asia’s share of the more than 400 million active Facebook users recently surged past 15%:


With a market penetration of 1.7% in Asia and Africa, the company has barely scratched the surface in both regions. While the company continued to add users in Southeast Asia, there were an additional 2.3 million users from South Asia over the past 12 weeks. In fact according to Alexa, Facebook has already overtaken Orkut in India. It didn’t take long for Facebook to threaten Friendster’s leadership position in Southeast Asia so something similar was likely to happen in India. But I thought it would take them longer to overtake Orkut in India.

The share of users from the Middle East / North Africa remains stable (at just over 8%) and the region had the second fastest-growth rate over the past 12 weeks:


As was the case in my previous post, the share of users age 18-25 remains higher in regions outside the U.S., especially in Asia, the Middle East / North Africa, Africa, and South America. [For recent growth rates by age group, click HERE.]


While Asia and the Middle East are the fastest-growth regions, Facebook continues to add users everywhere. Eastern Europe continued to be fertile territory, with the company close to doubling its active members in Romania (up 86% over the last 12 weeks). Below is a list of fastest-growth countries in each region:


(†) Speaking of Orkut, for what it’s worth, Facebook added 800,000 active users in Brazil over the past 12 weeks.

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  • Alex

    Facebook is a weird thing. I noticed a few years back that most international students I met were using something different. Mainly Friendster. I tried to keep in contact with people using it but I was so used to Facebook at the time. I was actually introduced to Facebook in South America and knew early on it would be the hit that it is. I am surprised, however, at your stats. I thought it was pretty much saturated and from what you are saying, Facebook has barely spread. I can’t wait to see an update from you next year at this time.

  • David Ashbrook

    Great article… where DO you get your stats from?

  • Mandy Sauls

    Ke Nako Khuluma Group Facebookers

  • claire


    I am trying to find out how many users of facebook there are in LEBANON

    We have an ongoing debate here in the office and I need to get some stats.

    Could you assist..

    Many thanks
    Claire Roche

  • Francy

    Hey Ben, as David asked, where did you get yuor stats from?
    I am writing something similar for my italian blog.
    Ciao Francy
    Francy site: realizzazione siti web

  • Ben,

    I had an suspension more Asia and Middle East people were starting to use facebook after i had experienced very unusual trends while trying to advertise nitch markets on facebook. I must say your analysis is very informative. What i find most surprising is the decline in North America and Europe that you show in your first chart. I am a little scared to find out how much facebook has yet to change over the years. It seems the sky is the limit.


  • I agree with John on how facebook takes the world into one; united and a shock absorber which the true feelings of everyone have expressed the way they want than in personal.

  • PPL

    I bet now Philippines would have the longest line as the fastest growth of Facebook users old and even young ones who can’t read and write has already an account and who would believe it almost are active accounts :)

  • I will be interested to see if FB remains popular or becomes a fad. I think the basic premises of FB is to share what you are doing with your social network and will people get sick of hearing that I have just baked a cake, or changed the wheel on my bicycle or will that curiosity factor remain.

    Guess there have been those predicting the demise of FB for a long time and as the above stats indicate – it is only getting bigger. I think we have known for a long time – people love gossip.