Four short links: 21 March 2011

Javascript Master Class, Stats for Pythonistas, CAM Floor, and HTML Extraction

  1. Javascript Trie Performance Analysis (John Resig) — if you program in Javascript and you’re not up to John’s skill level (*cough*) then you should read this and follow along. It’s a ride-along in the brain of a master.
  2. Think Stats — an introduction to statistics for Python programmers. (via Edd Dumbill)
  3. Bolefloor — they build curvy wooden floors. Instead of straightening naturally curvy wood (which is wasteful), they use CV and CAD/CAM to figure the smallest cuts to slot strips of wood together. It’s gorgeous, green, and geeky. (via BoingBoing)
  4. Extracting Article Text from HTML Documents — everyone’s doing it, now you know how. It’s the theory behind the lovingly hand-crafted magic of readability. (via Hacker News)
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  • megan squire

    Hi Nat, I just want to randomly thank you for posting these 4 short links postings. I really get a lot out of them, and the format is just right. Unlike a lot of the other probably-interesting-but-too-long posts in my blog reader, your “4 short links” never get my premature J key, and are among the most starred items in my reader. Thanks for providing this valuable community service. Much appreciated. Ok, that’s all. :) -megan