Open question: Would you rent a laptop?

The Google Chrome netbook rumors have expanded to include subscription-based distribution.

questionmarkAmid rumors that Google will soon release its Chrome OS-based netbook there are also rumblings the laptop will be available on a subscription basis. A post on technology news site Neowin last week stated:

Neowin can now confirm from a reliable source that the Google Chrome OS based notebooks will be available for “purchase” in late June/early July … Google will be selling the devices as part of a subscription based model with Gmail to customers.

Neowin’s Google source also spilled rental fee details: “$10-$20 a month per user,” and this would include hardware updates and repair as necessary.

Interesting concept — a sort of laptop democratization. The expected laptop will be cloud-based and make use of Chrome apps.

This begs a couple of questions:

  • Would you rent a laptop?
  • Would a cloud-based device like this suit your laptop needs?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.


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