Radar's top stories: May 30-June 3, 2011

Inside the Library of Congress' Twitter archive, 10 ways to botch a mobile app, the story behind Velocity '11

Here’s a look at the top stories published on Radar this week.

How the Library of Congress is building the Twitter archive
One year after Twitter donated its archives, the Library of Congress is still building the infrastructure to make the data accessible to researchers.
10 ways to botch a mobile app
With the aim of injecting reason and business know-how into the app development process, “App Savvy” author Ken Yarmosh outlines the top 10 reasons why apps often falter or fail.
The story behind Velocity 2011
As we approach the fourth Velocity conference, here’s a look at how the web performance and operations communities came together, what they’ve done to improve the web experience, and the work that lies ahead.
The state of speed and the quirks of mobile optimization
Google performance evangelist and Velocity co-chair Steve Souders discusses browser competition, the differences between mobile and desktop optimization, and his hopes for the HTTP Archive.
Open Question: Would you fund your favorite author?
With the launch of the Unbound.co.uk publishing platform, readers can fund the books they want to read. If given the chance, would you fund the next book from your favorite author?

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