Radar's top stories: June 13-17, 2011

Big data and the semantic web, choosing the right license for data, 3 great ideas you should steal

Here’s a look at the top stories published on Radar this week.

Big data and the semantic web
Big data is poised to light the fire beneath the long-held dreams of the semantic web, and the semantic web will enable data scientists to describe, organize and reason about their results.
Choosing the right license for open data
OpenStreetMap founder Steve Coast explains the long and tricky shift from a Creative Commons license to the more data-friendly Open Database License.
3 ideas you should steal from HubSpot
HubSpot’s location (near Boston) and its target market (small businesses) may keep it under the radar of Silicon Valley, but the company’s approach to data products and customer empowerment are worthy of attention.
The blurring line between speech and text
A third category of speech has emerged: Internet-based updates that marry the ephemeral nature of the spoken word and the archival permanance of text.