Four short links: 2 December 2011

Changing Education, Netflix Open Source, LLVM3, and Open Sourced Transcription Tool

  1. Challenges in Teaching Biology — everything that Alison says about teaching biology is true of teaching computer science. Read, learn, evolve.
  2. First Open Source Netflix Projects Released — Curator makes Apache Zookeeper easier to use. (via Ian Kallen)
  3. LLVM3 Released — these are key tools for reliable development of fast systems. I think of it as JVM without the bloat, though undoubtedly that’s unfair to both Java and LLVM. (via Hacker News)
  4. Scribe — Zooniverse tool for crowdsourcing transcriptions. (via Tim Sherratt)
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  • Robin

    Netflix released “Curator”, a client library for Apache Zookeeper. The non-trivial client they are referring to is the bundled Java Zookeeper client, not Curator. Zookeeper itself has been around for a few years.

  • @Robin: good grief, I must have been half-asleep (and certainly wholly lazy). Thanks for the correction; I’ve changed the post to reflect what Netflix actually released :-)