Top stories: January 16-20, 2012

The perils of SOPA and PIPA, a survey of Hadoop products, and common mobile UI mistakes.

Here’s a look at the top stories published across O’Reilly sites this week.

SOPA and PIPA are bad industrial policy
Tim O’Reilly: SOPA and PIPA not only harm the Internet, they support existing content companies in their attempts to hold back innovative business models that will actually grow the market and deliver new value to consumers. (See also: Why O’Reilly went dark on 1/18/12 and The President’s challenge.)

Big data market survey: Hadoop solutions
Edd Dumbill explores the Hadoop-based big data solutions available on the market, contrasts the approaches of EMC Greenplum, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle and provides an overview of Hadoop distributions.

Mobile interfaces: Mistakes to avoid and trends to watch
“Designing Mobile Interfaces” co-author Steven Hoober discusses common mobile interface mistakes, and he offers his thoughts on the latest mobile device trends — including why the addition of gestures and sensors isn’t wholly positive.

From SOPA to speech: Seven tech trends to monitor
Mike Loukides weighs in on the tech trends — good and bad — that will exert considerable influence in 2012.

Early thoughts on iBooks Author and Apple’s textbook move
James Turner considers Apple’s new authoring platform and its restrictive policies. Will those restrictions limit the program’s potential?

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