Take a break and "PressPausePlay"

The documentary film "PressPausePlay" looks at the effects of democratized culture.

Are you a cultural conservative? Progressive? Do you think once we get through this non-linear bit, digitally-produced culture will settle back down into a recognizable pattern? Or will this fragmentation last forever? Would that be utopian or dystopian to you (or have I just re-phrased the first question)? Did it ever make sense to have music / film / art “industries” or was that just a blip in history? What does this post contribute to your cultural signal-to-noise ratio?

It’s Friday so give yourself a break and take the two hours you would have spent by the water cooler talking about March Madness and watch “PressPausePlay,” a wonderful film on the digital upending of cultural production. Then open up Garage Band and write a song about it …

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