Steve Souders on Web Performance Optimization

Why "even faster" matters in the web performance and optimization world.

This is the first podcast in our new Velocity Podcast Series that will keep our conversations that we start at the Velocity conference going throughout the year. We will be talking with conference committee members, speakers, companies, and attendees. So check back weekly for a new podcast.

I recently spoke with Steve Souders for our Velocity Podcast Series. Steve has been to all the Velocity conferences around the world and has a unique perspective on WPO, DevOps and anything related to performance, optimization and making things run faster. During our conversation, Steve touched on many of the issues performance engineers are faced with on a daily basis.

One of the themes you will pick up on in our conversation is that Steve repeatedly says “even faster” when talking about quality and improvements everyone could make to their web properties. I got the drift that web sites can always improve by being able to monitor and measure better. More, better, faster keeps you competitive.

This video is 00:29:31 minutes long so if you want to jump to specific answers, the questions and responses are found here:

Velocity 2012: Web Operations & Performance — The smartest minds in web operations and performance are coming together for the Velocity Conference, being held June 25-27 in Santa Clara, Calif.

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