Four short links: 6 December 2012

What You Do, Wordnik Branches, 5 Whys, and Hardware Hackathon

  1. You’re Saving Time — can you explain what you do, as well as this? Love the clarity of thought, as well as elegance of expression.
  2. Related Content, by Wordnik — branching out by offering a widget for websites which recommends other content on your site which is related to the current page. I’ve been keen to see what Wordnik do with their text knowledge.
  3. How to Run a 5 Whys with Humans, Not Robots (Slideshare) — gold Gold GOLD! (via Hacker News)
  4. Open Computer Project Hackathon — have never heard of a hardware hackathon before, keen to see how it works out. (via Jim Stogdill)
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  • Adrian McEwen

    Re not having heard of hardware hackathons, we’re obviously not doing a good enough job of getting word out about Howduino ;-) We’ve been running them since 2009, at assorted locations round the UK – the most recent was Internet of Things focused here in Liverpool –

    Cosm have run them in the past too. They’re a bit trickier to arrange because it’s best if people have a think about what they might build before coming to the event – pulling down a new software library on the day when you decide it’ll be useful is one thing, getting some electronics components delivered at 0 days notice is a bit trickier ;-)

    • Nathan Torkington

      Very cool, thanks for the pointer! Is there a master calendar/site/list of hardware hackathons? Probably not something that’d be useful to attendees (who are, tragically, geographically-situated meatsacks) but would be useful to me as I point and say “see! Hardware hackathons for all!”

      • Jim Stogdill

        I don’t know of a single list, but I know that open compute project is doing one at the end of january during their conference.