Visualization of the Week: On tour with the Rolling Stones for 50 years

An interactive timeline visualization of The Rolling Stones' touring history.

The Rolling Stones have reached their 50th anniversary milestone. The band celebrated by kicking off an anniversary tour, and the team over at CartoDB took the opportunity to test their new CartoDB Javascript library and visualize The Rolling Stones’ complete touring history.

Click here for the full visualization.

From a data display perspective, the visualization is an interesting approach to a timeline story. It shows a progression through visualization as opposed to the more traditional static images along a bar or time graph.

Each page of the visualization depicts a tour, connecting dots to trace the band’s concert schedule; hovering over a dot brings up the city and concert date data. Total kilometers traveled throughout each tour also are displayed — according to the data CartoDB gathered, the band has logged almost one million kilometers in touring travel in the past 50 years. On their blog, the CartoDB team explained how they created the visualization:

“We scraped the Stones’ tour data from Wikipedia, and then imported it into CartoDB 2.0. After that we mixed in Reveal.js, a pretty awesome library for making presentations in pure HTML, with CartoDB.js. The result was this visualization, created with literally only a few lines of code. You can fork the code and create your own story-based visualization here.”

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