Signals from OSCON 2014

From tiny satellites to young programmers to reasoned paranoia, here are key talks from OSCON 2014.

Experts and advocates from across the open source world assembled in Portland, Ore. this week for OSCON 2014. Below you’ll find a handful of keynotes and interviews from the event that we found particularly notable.

How tiny satellites and fresh imagery can help humanity

Will Marshall of Planet Labs outlines a vision for using small satellites to provide daily images of the Earth.

Tim O’Reilly on empathy amidst technology and transformation

Tim O’Reilly discusses the importance of values, empathy, and culture in technology. He asks: “What kind of world do we want to build?”

A reasonable call for paranoia

If you don’t have anything to hide, you have nothing to worry about, right? Tim Bray explains why that’s a wrongheaded conclusion.

Check your privilege and evaluate your defaults

“When all of the defaults are configured to work for you out of the box, it never occurs to you that those defaults exist, or to question them.” Leslie Hawthorn explores the systemic problems of privilege and how we can tackle them.

The concert programmer

Artist-programmer Andrew Sorensen live-codes to produce an improvised musical concert.

Getting kids interested in programming

Fourteen-year-old programmer Shadaj Laddad shares his tips for getting kids started with code.

You can see more keynotes and interviews in our OSCON 2014 playlist.

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