• I think the biggest problem we face today when it comes to online community and politics is that of tunnel vision and blind partisanship groupthink. Too many people are locked into their Fox News, CNN and DailyKos bubbles and do not engage with anyone outside their narrow point of view — the very one reinforced constantly by their chosen source of news. Side note: we see this problem with religion as well, not just politics.

    Have you ever had a political debate with someone whose politics differ from yours? How often does it quickly evolve into shouting, name-calling and the repetition of misinformation? Especially online, this is a constant. Very few places online can we go and have civil discourse with people whose opinions and beliefs differ from our own.

    Addendum: I recently submitted a Knight News Challenge proposal that seeks to tackle this issue.

  • SoothSayerCA

    I listen to this show every week that has input from both sides and it is well done – https://www.facebook.com/LagunaRound

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  • Of course we bring to bare much ‘architecture of participation’ which is implicitly built-in by the tool itself, alongside our own moral and social behaviour (also shaped partly by our participant culture.


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