Four short links: 2 November 2015

Anti-Caching, Tyranny of Ratings, Distributed Deep Learning, and Sorting Rated Things

  1. Anti-Caching (PDF) — paper outlining a clever reframing of the database strategy of keeping frequently accessed things in-memory, namely pushing to disk the things that won’t be accessed … aka, “anti-caching.”
  2. The Rating Game (Verge) — Until companies release ratings data, we can’t know for certain whether this is true, but a study of Airbnb users found that black hosts get less money for similar listings than white hosts, and another study found that white taxi drivers get higher tips than black ones. There’s no reason such biases wouldn’t carry over to ratings.
  3. Singa — Apache distributed deep learning platform turns 1.0.
  4. Scoring Items That Were Voted On or Rated — a Bayesian system to turn a set of ratings or up/down votes into a single score, such that you can sort a list from “best” to “worst.”
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