Andrew Shafer

Andrew Clay Shafer is currently helping telcos and hosting providers implement cloud services at Cloudscaling. He co-founded Reductive Labs, creators of Puppet, the configuration management framework. Andrew preaches the "infrastructure is code" gospel and approaches for applying agile methods to infrastructure and operations. Some of those perspectives were captured in his chapter in the O'Reilly book on Web Operations. Andrew thinks everything always comes back to people, and he tries to get interesting people together whenever he can. Towards that end, he helps organize events like Ignite Salt Lake, Agile Roots and DevOpsDays.

Operations: The secret sauce revisited

The forces of "technical debt" apply to computational infrastructure.

An investment in web operations can yield big returns, both financially and competitively. But a lack of understanding prevents many companies from taking appropriate steps. Guest blogger Andrew Clay Shafer makes a case for web ops as the "secret sauce" by examining the forces of technical debt.

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