Beau Cronin

Beau Cronin was a co-founder of Prior Knowledge (PK), a startup that developed and offered a predictive database service based on probabilistic modeling and scaled inference. PK was acquired by Salesforce in late 2012, where Beau now works as a senior manager of predictive products. He has a PhD in computational neuroscience from MIT, where his research focused on probabilistic models of neuronal response; he also has a BA in computer science from UC Berkeley. He lives in Oakland, CA, with his wife and young daughter.

A different take on data skepticism

Our tools should make common cases easy and safe, but that's not the reality today.

Recently, the Mathbabe (aka Cathy O’Neil) vented some frustration about the pitfalls in applying even simple machine learning (ML) methods like k-nearest neighbors. As data science is democratized, she worries that naive practitioners will shoot themselves in the foot because these tools can offer very misleading results. Maybe data science is best left to the pros? Mike…
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What is probabilistic programming?

Probabilistic languages can free developers from the complexities of high-performance probabilistic inference.

Probabilistic programming languages are in the spotlight. This is due to the announcement of a new DARPA program to support their fundamental research. But what is probabilistic programming? What can we expect from this research? Will this effort pay off? How long will it take? A probabilistic programming language is a high-level language that makes it easy for a…
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