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“Internet of Things” is a temporary term

The O'Reilly Radar Podcast: Pilgrim Beart on the scale, challenges, and opportunities of the IoT.


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In this week’s Radar Podcast, O’Reilly’s Mary Treseler chatted with Pilgrim Beart about co-founding his company, AlertMe, and about why the scale of the Internet of Things creates as many challenges as it does opportunities. He also talked about the “gnarly problems” emerging from consumer wants and behaviors.

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You'll be live in 3 … 2 … 1 …

Thoughts on what happens when live video is commoditized.

The introduction of Google+ Hangouts On Air marks the beginning of live video's disruption. Here's two reasons why this is a big deal.

It's time for a unified ebook format and the end of DRM

Proprietary ebook formats and rights restrictions are holding consumers back.

The music industry has shown that you need to offer consumers a universal format and content without rights restrictions. So when will publishers pay attention?

Don't expect the end of electronics obsolescence anytime soon

Software updates can't rejuvenate old hardware.

Software updates for consumer electronics sound great in theory. But over time, the discrepancy between what the software is supposed to do and what your devices are capable of will rub obsolescence in your face.

Publishing News: Amazon lands "4-Hour" author Timothy Ferriss

Amazon signs its first best-selling author, RR Donnelley acquires two companies, and what publishers can learn from the NYT paywall.

Timothy Ferriss signs with Amazon Publishing to "redefine what is possible," RR Donnelley positions itself for digital publishing success, and the NYT can teach publishers a thing or two about advertising and sponsorship.

Two lessons from Pottermore: Direct sales and no DRM

Why publishers should take a note from J.K. Rowling's latest effort.

It's not surprising that J.K. Rowing is forging ahead with a well thought-out direct sales plan for Harry Potter ebooks, but it's a shock that publishers aren't doing the same things for their titles.

Mobile carriers crack down on tethering

Want to tether? Prepare to pay more or find an unauthorized alternative.

The days of unlimited tethering are drawing to a close as carriers look to monetize, and manage, data access.

4 ways DRM is like airport security

The failings of DRM become clear when viewed through a different lens.

The similarities between digital rights management and airport security go beyond near-universal dislike. Comparing the two shows the failings of both.

Amygdala FarmVille

The people that know the most about you are the people you know the least about.

We have entered the Matrix, but it’s not our body heat companies want. They want the preference model encoded in our amygdala and a list of all the people that might influence that model — and you may not realize it, but you’re giving it to them.

Buy where you shop gets a little easier

A new search app gives consumers mobile access to aggregated product reviews.

Search Reviews scans bar codes to bring up crowdsourced reviews, allowing consumers to compare products in-store and on-the-go.