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A writable API competition

Got a great idea for O'Reilly's new API? Make it happen and you might win a prize.

Featured Post: We’re launching a developer contest to see what folks can do with O’Reilly’s new “writeable” API. Find out what you’ll need to get started.

What has Twitter become?

Restricting developers undermines the ecology that made Twitter valuable.

Featured Post: Twitter is missing a fundamental law of innovation: you can’t tell people where (or how) to innovate, and where not to. Innovation just doesn’t work that way.

Civic innovation organizations to watch in 2011

From Code for America to OpenGovernment.org, 2011 could be transformative for open government.

The growth of citizen engagement platforms in 2010 will continue in 2011. Here's a look at four organizations that will play important roles.

Geeks and government converge at the FCC

Gina Trapani talks about the ThinkUp app and the FCC's first Open Developer Day.

What's the potential for geeks to work with government for better outcomes? Gina Trapani talked with O'Reilly Media about the first FCC Developer Day, ThinkUp App and Gov 2.0.

Women helping women get into tech

Sara Chipps on IT education and how women are navigating the tech world.

Computer science programs have an iffy track record recruiting women into the tech space. Sara Chipps, co-founder of Girl Develop IT, has a new approach: create an inclusive environment where dumb questions are encouraged and practical application is key. In this Q&A, Chipps discusses her project and the pressures women face in the tech world.

Developer Week in Review

Windows tries mobile (again), people sue other people (again), Google's Roman holiday, and UDID angst.

In the first edition of Developer Week in Review, we look at Microsoft's return to the mobile space, further adventures in patent madness, Google's new/old language, and why the latest Apple privacy controversy may be a tempest in a teapot.

iPhone economics and lower barriers to entry

The power of the App Store is defined by more than direct revenue.

The App Store has exposed incumbents in the mobile industry to the same sort of asymmetric competition that has reshaped the media industry over the past decade. Developers are responding in droves to the economic incentives that lower barriers to entry create, as well as the fact that the App Store has generated $1 billion in royalty payments in just a few years.

Where do developers draw the line with Apple?

Two developers, one out of iPhone development and the other still in, examine the App Store.

Dan Grigsby and Dan Pilone have both developed iPhone applications. Both have concerns about development restrictions, too. But only one remains within Apple's ecosystem. Here, the developers examine the App Store from two viewpoints: one that's in and one that's out.

Innovation from the Edges: PayPal Taps the Developer Community to Build Next-Gen Payment Apps

Developer Challenge offers big prizes for best apps using new APIs

Two enduring tenets of Web 2.0 are “A platform beats an application every time” and “All the smart people don’t work for you.” Online payment giant PayPal took those bits of wisdom to heart and recently announced the PayPal X APIs, a new group of developer APIs designed to enable new applications that can more tightly integrate with PayPal services. To encourage developers to create some awesome applications with the APIs, PayPal is offering prizes $100,000 and $50,000 (in cash plus waived transaction fees) for the best new applications. We caught up with PayPal’s director for their Developer Network, Naveed Anwar, and he filled us in on what the new PayPal APIs bring to the table for application designers.