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Three Android predictions: In your home, in your clothes, in your car

Marko Gargenta on Android's ubiquity.

"Learning Android" author Marko Gargenta believes Android will soon be a fixture in our homes, in our clothes and in our vehicles. Here he explains why and how this will happen.

Loathe your Kindle? Swap it for a bunch of books

A Portland, Ore. bookstore is offering a dollar-for-dollar Kindle trade-in.

A bookstore in Portland, Ore., will exchange unwanted Kindles for paper books. But what to do with all those Kindles? That's where Worldreader.org might provide a solution.

Device Update: Year-end edition

Predictions for 2011: the dedicated ereader market will crest, and focus will turn to the ebook experience.

The holiday season will be a tipping point for ereaders and ebooks. In 2011, the digital changes publishers have made will meet head-on with the harsh demands of a significant consumer base.

The chaos and the opportunity in Arab publishing

Egyptian publishing is far more chaotic than its Western counterparts. ISBNs are used fleetingly and book rights are a moving target. But that same chaos also breeds opportunity, particularly in the mobile and digital publishing spaces. Ramy Habeeb, director and co-founder of Kotobarabia, sat down with us at TOC 2010 to discuss the current state of Arab publishing as well…

First Look at nook: Not Encouraging

We (finally) received our nooks (pre-ordered quite some time ago), and the early results are … disappointing. Loading one (any) of our EPUB ebooks causes the nook to hang, and the book never opens. I tried loading a number of O’Reilly Media titles that are valid and work on the Sony Reader and every other ePub device. The Nook only brought up the “Formatting” message, and then hung. Only a full restart would bring it back. This is an extremely serious problem.

Kindle Comes to the iPhone

Users of the iPhone and iPod Touch can now tap into Amazon's Kindle store with the free Kindle for iPhone application. From The New York Times: The move comes a week after Amazon started shipping the updated version of its Kindle reading device. It signals that the company may be more interested in becoming the pre-eminent retailer of e-books than…

Photos from New York Times R&D Lab

Nick Bilton was a hit yesterday at the TOC Conference, and during his keynote he talked about what they’re working on with content at the NYT R&D Lab. Nick was kind enough to give a few of us a private tour earlier this week, and here’s some photos from the trip:…

iPhone App Outperforms Most Print (Computer) Books This Holiday Season

Conventional wisdom suggests that when choosing pilot projects, you pick ones with a high likelihood of success. It's hard to argue that iPhone: The Missing Manual was a reasonable choice for testing the iPhone App waters. But while we knew it would do well, we've been quite pleased with just how well: If the iPhone App by itself had been…

New Tech Mixes Book Experience with Sensors

A new form of hybrid book is coming on the market — and the inventor consults with Apple. From the Guardian UK: Lyndsay Williams — who has already developed the PC sound card, SmartQuill, and SenseCam — is now working on SenseBooks, and the first of a series will be published next year. SenseBooks are a hybrid of paper…

Q&A With Co-Creator of Classics iPhone E-Reader

The Classics app is a little different than competing iPhone e-readers: for starters, it’s not free. Classics co-creator Phill Ryu discusses the app’s pricing, design and development in this Q&A.