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Open innovation works in the public sector, say federal CTOs

In his last day in office, federal CTO Aneesh Chopra released an open innovation toolkit.

Speaking at a recent forum in Washington, federal CTO Aneesh Chopra said that the open innovation approach that can be seen across industry, from social networking to pharmaceuticals to manufacturing, has proven to be effective in the public sector. CTOs from HHS and the VA offered more case studies in success.

2011 Gov 2.0 year in review

A look at the Gov 2.0 themes, moments and achievements that made an impact in 2011.

What Gov 2.0 issue mattered most in 2011? Disruption caused by an increasingly mobile and networked society certainly ranked high. Other key developments included a new Open Government Partnership, emerging civic media, open source adoption, new civic startups, the growth of open data, and fights over intellectual property and Internet freedom.

Top Stories: December 5-9, 2011

A vote against frictionless sharing, a look at cloud security threats, and why the open sourcing of Data.gov matters.

This week on O'Reilly: Mike Loukides explained why there's little value in frictionless sharing, Jeffrey Carr examined the significant security threats attached to cloud services, and we learned why the open sourcing of Data.gov is an important milestone for open government.

White House to open source Data.gov as open government data platform

The new "Data.gov in a box" could empower countries to build their own platforms.

A partnership between the United States and India on open government has borne fruit: progress on making the open data platform Data.gov open source. With this step forward, the prospects are brighter for stimulating economic activity, civic utility and accountability under a global open government partnership.

Gov 2.0 enters the mainstream on NPR and the AP

NPR and the Associated Press recently focused on civic apps and other Gov 2.0 topics.

Civic applications recently pushed a bit further into the public's consciousness via a lively discussion on Washington's local NPR station, WAMU, and through an Associated Press article that examined open data and apps.

International Open Government Data Camp looks to build community

In its second year, the camp's organizers aspire to galvanize more governments to open up their data.

The second International Open Government Data Camp will convene advocates, activists, civic media, citizens and officials to exchange ideas, code and expertise in Warsaw, Poland.

How data and open government are transforming NYC

New York works to become a premier digital city.

New York City has become the epicenter for experiments in data-drive governance — from citizensourcing smarter government to embracing a broader future as a data platform. Here, NYC officials Rachel Sterne and Carole Post discuss the city’s data initiatives.

Historic global Open Government Partnership launches in New York City

Maria Otero, Under Secretary of State for Democracy and Global Affairs, talks about what to expect from the OGP.

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) is an unprecedented global agreement between dozens of nations. In this podcast, Maria Otero, Under Secretary of State for Democracy and Global Affairs, talks about how open government is connected to economic activity and what citizens should expect from the OGP.

Opening government, the Chicago way

Chicago looks to use its data, developers and citizens to become a smarter city.

Sustainability and analytics are guiding Chicago's open data and app contest efforts. The city's approach offers important insights to governments at all levels.

Energy.gov relaunches using open source and the cloud

Drupal and open source technology power the new Energy.gov.

The new Energy.gov, using a combination of open source technology and cloud computing, will save an estimated $10 million annually.