Two crucial questions for the smart grid

Who will own the data the industrial Internet generates, and how will users fare under an onslaught of optimization problems?

In a lively panel discussion at last week’s IEEE Industrial Electronics Society meeting in Montreal, two questions related to the smart grid (the prospective electrical distribution system that will set prices dynamically and let consumers sell electricity to other users easily) arose that I think we’ll hear much more about in coming years: Who will own the data? One important…
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Radar's top stories: June 20-24, 2011

Radar's top stories: June 20-24, 2011

HTML5's influence on web development, data and genetic secrets, and how to build big JavaScript apps with big teams

This week on Radar: We looked at the how HTML5 is shaping web development, scientist Charlie Quinn revealed how open source and big data are advancing life sciences, and Nicholas Zakas explained how big teams can build big JavaScript apps.

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Interest in renewable energy could benefit data services

The need for temperature, wind, and solar analytics will likely increase.

The increase of large-scale infrastructure investments in the alternative energy sector will likely be accompanied by demand for data-driven services that can optimize efficiency of the related operational costs.

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Current activities at the Electronic Privacy Information Center

A few of the recent campaigns of Electronic Privacy Information Center
include whole-body imaging at airports, the Smart Grid, and cell phone
privacy in the workplace. EPIC demands that institutions take
responsibility for privacy, designing it into their systems.

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