Radar's top stories: June 20-24, 2011

HTML5's influence on web development, data and genetic secrets, and how to build big JavaScript apps with big teams

Here’s a look at the top stories published on Radar this week.

How is HTML 5 changing web development?
Remy Sharp discusses HTML5’s current usage and how it could influence the future of web apps and browsers (hint: in time, we may not notice browsers at all.)
Big data and open source unlock genetic secrets
Genomics scientist Charlie Quinn is combining experimental data with publicly available information to advance the life sciences.
Scale your JavaScript, scale your team
“High Performance JavaScript” author Nicholas Zakas discusses the issues that pop up when you build big JavaScript apps with big teams.
The smart grid data deluge
The smart grid is an information revolution for utilities, and the first line of the information the grid uses will come from smart meters. EMeter’s Aaron DeYonker discusses meter use and data applications in this interview.