"stratagem" entries

Strata Gems: Manage clusters with Mesos

An important project to watch in 2011

As big data systems evolve rapidly, the Mesos project aims to solve architectural and management headaches. One to watch for 2011.

Strata Gems: Use GPUs to speed up calculation

GPUs bring massively parallel computing into reach

The attributes that make GPUs optimized for graphics can also be used for general computing. Over the last 3 years, GPU computing has moved to the mainstream.

Strata Gems: The emerging marketplace for social data

The integration of social data with CRM systems is driving growth

If you want to analyze social media data in significant volumes, it can be inconvenient and costly to aggregate it yourself. Providers like Gnip are growing a market in social data.

Strata Gems: Let it snow

Simple crowdsourcing paints a Twitter map of UK snow

Snow in the UK is generally a source of delight. A simple idea to use Twitter as a way of gathering snow reports from around the country has proved remarkably popular.

Strata Gems: Usahidi enables crowdsourced journalism and intelligence

Built for emergencies, now available as open source and as a web service

Built for emergencies, Usahidi's mapping and social media monitoring tools also have commercial applications. Though open source, the tools are also available as for-pay hosted services.

Strata Gems: Make beautiful graphs of your Twitter network

Use Gephi and Python to find your personal communities

Using a bit of Python and the Gephi graph tool, exploring your own Twitter network is a great way to learn about analyzing networks: and the results definitely have a "wow" factor.

Strata Gems: Explore and visualize graphs with Gephi

Powerful open source graph manipulation

A Photoshop for data, Gephi is a powerful tool for exploring and presenting data as a graph. It's easy to get started with sample data sets, then import your own by generating files in a standard graph format.

Strata Gems: Five data blogs you should read

Data geekery, visualization and journalism

From deep-diving startup founders to national newspapers, there's a rich vein of wisdom and information in blogs about data. Here's five to get your reading list started.

Strata Gems: The timeless utility of sed and awk

A little command line knowledge goes a long way

Though over 30 years old, the command line utilties sed and awk are still go-to tools for working with data.

Strata Gems: Where to find data

Starting points for data markets and open data

With the growth of both the open data movement and data marketplaces, there's now
a wealth of public data that you can use in your analyses and applications.