"Web 2 Summit" entries

Anthropology extracts the true nature of tech

Genevieve Bell on how fieldwork and observation can guide technology.

Genevieve Bell, director of interaction and experience research at Intel, talks about how anthropology can inform business decisions and product design.

The Web 2 Summit Points of Control map has a new data layer

Key data players and datasets are called out in the Points of Control map.

To coincide with the "data frame" theme of this year's Web 2 Summit, the Points of Control Map has been updated with a layer illustrating data companies and data types.

How can we visualize the big players in the Web 2.0 data layer?

An update on how a data layer will be added to the Web 2.0 Points of Control map.

How do you visualize the size, strength and limitations of data-centric companies? That's the tricky issue being tackled by the new Web 2.0 Summit Points of Control map.

What are the key data categories companies want to control?

Help us build a data layer for the Web 2.0 Summit map.

Web 2.0 Summit 2011 is being organized around the theme of "The Data Frame," so last year's Web 2.0 map needs a related update.

Publishing needs a social strategy

Social recommendations and remixes can benefit the publishing industry.

Up until now, ebooks have mostly been quick-and-dirty conversions of the print product. Joe Wikert looks forward to a future where social options, like recommendations and remixes, fully harness the ebook medium.

Why "Delivering Happiness" is a must read

The mindset at Zappos is illustrative of the era of engagement.

At Zappos last year, 25,000 people applied for 250 job openings. Applicants are enthusiastic to be part of an era-of-engagement, post-productivity company. Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh discusses Zappo's secret sauce in his new book.

We're entering the talent economy

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner on why access and connections will increasingly matter.

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner says the information economy is transferring into the talent economy. Recent hiring news certainly reinforces that point. Plus: Weiner explains how LinkedIn uses data science to create predictive tools.

Hiring trends among the major platform players

The battle for the Internet's points of control requires amassing talent.

Consistent with the recent flurry of articles about hiring wars, many platform companies have increased their number of job postings. Winning the battle for the Internet's points of control requires amassing talent.

Livestream from Web 2.0 Summit

Internet leaders discuss "points of control" at Web 2.0 Summit.

Leaders from across the Internet Economy are assembling in San Francisco this week at Web 2.0 Summit. Stay in the loop with a free livestream.

What lies ahead for angels and startups

Ron Conway on chemistry, the value of user interface, and spotting the next big thing.

Angel investor and Web 2.0 Summit speaker Ron Conway discusses his approach to investing and how he sees the startup space changing in the years ahead. Plus: He explains why today's great interfaces have the same value as yesterday's algorithms.