Big Data: Technologies and Techniques for Large-Scale Data

Our belief that proficiency in managing and analyzing large amounts of data distinguishes market leading companies, led to a recent report designed to help users understand the different large-scale data management techniques. Our report on Big Data Technologies was the result of interviews with over thirty experts, including research scientists, (open-source) hackers, vendors, data analysts, and entrepreneurs. Rather than endorse specific vendors and technologies, we provide a framework to help readers navigate the wide variety of options available. (NOTE: If you’re interested in purchasing the report as a single-issue of Release 2.0, we can provide you with a DISCOUNT CODE. Contact information is at the end of the video clip below.)

I recently sat down with my co-author, Roger Magoulas (Director of Research at O’Reilly), who agreed talk about our report and Big Data in general. Roger begins by speaking passionately of the importance of data management and analysis. He proceeds to highlight what we believe to be the key technology dimensions for evaluating data management solutions. The video ends with a glimpse into future technologies and general advice to organizations interested in improving their proficiency in handling data.

The full program is available in four extended clips:

  • What is Big Data and why is it important? (3:33 minutes)
  • Big Data Technologies (1:35 minutes)
  • Key Technology Dimensions (4:52 minutes)
  • A Look Into The Future and Closing Summary (3:42 minutes)
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