Four short links: 11 May 2009

Healthcare, Diagrams, Social Networking, and Email

  1. OSCAR Canada — open source healthcare (EMR) software, akin to VistA. See for more.
  2. Instaviz — iPhone app for mindmapping/any other blob-and-line diagram. I’m hypnotised by the correction of a fuzzy hand-drawn circle into a clean crisp algorithmic circle.
  3. Buddypress — open source software that turns a WordPress installation into a social networking platform. Ok, so social networking software is now essentially free. What’s the next big thing that will as hard and new as social networking was in 2003?
  4. Getting Insight Into One’s Own Email — Thunderbird now shows interesting facts when there’s no message to look at: recently read messages, messages most likely to be interesting, and a histogram of activity.
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