Four short links: 28 July 2009

UI Library, 3rd Party Wave Server, Mobile Phones + Parasites, Single API to Cloud Providers

  1. CNMAT Resource LibraryThe CNMAT Resource Library is our fast growing collection of materials, sensors, gestural controllers, interface devices, tools, demos, prototypes and products – all organized and annotated to support the design of physical interaction systems, “new lutherie” and art installations. (via egoodman on Delicious)
  2. PyGoWave Server — first third-party Google Wave server, based on Django.
  3. Mobile Phones Identify Parasites and Bacteria — UCB Researchers developed a cell phone microscope, or CellScope, that not only takes color images of malaria parasites, but of tuberculosis bacteria labeled with fluorescent markers.. The sensor network is built out, and the computers in our pockets surprise us with their uses. (via BoingBoing)
  4. libcloud — a unified interface to cloud providers, written in Python and open source. Covers EC2, EC2-EU, Slicehost, Rackspace, Linode,, GoGrid, flexiscale, Eucalyptus. (via joshua on Delicious)
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  • The cellphone microscope is very interesting, particularly in its use of the camera. Reading the PLOS article it is clear that the computational work for image processing was done on a laptop to which the images had been downloaded, rather than on the phone. This further demonstrates the need to allow smart phones to be open computer platforms to realize their potential for such systems.

  • Interesting about the CellScope. Somewhat on the flip side, I read somewhere recently the mobile phones also harbour (high numbers of) bacteria – some studies showed that – possibly due to constant handling, sweat from users’ hands, etc.