Visualization of the Week: A map of regional movie tastes

Netflix's local favorites reveal regional film preferences and oddities.

Netflix knows a lot about our movie tastes, as the company can track what we rent via DVDs or watch via streaming video, how we rent and how we rate videos. Some of that data about our viewing and renting habits is open to the public in the form of the “Local Favorites” section. Here you can see what’s popular in and around your city.

Slacktory has taken this information to create a visualization: “The United States of Local Favorites.”

Netflix Favorites mapped out regionally

Some of the regional favorites aren’t too surprising: Southern California seems to like “L.A. Story.” Some of the favorites are quite amusing: “Beverly Hill Chihuahua” is apparently much loved in Mississippi.

Other than pointing to the source of the data, Slacktory doesn’t offer any insight into how the visualization was built. Are our movie tastes really that geographically diverse?

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