Four short links: 4 November 2011

Science Repository, Dancing Robots, Retro Jobs, and Bluetooth Bow

  1. Beethoven’s Open Repository of Research (RocketHub) — open repository funded in a Kickstarter-type way. First crowdfunding project I’ve given $$$ to.
  2. KeepOff (GitHub) — open source project built around hacking KeepOn Interactive Dancing Robots. (via Chris Spurgeon)
  3. Steve Jobs One-on-One (ComputerWorld) — interesting glimpse of the man himself in an oral history project recording made during the NeXT years. I don’t need a computer to get a kid interested in that, to spend a week playing with gravity and trying to understand that and come up with reasons why. But you do need a person. You need a person. Especially with computers the way they are now. Computers are very reactive but they’re not proactive; they are not agents, if you will. They are very reactive. What children need is something more proactive. They need a guide. They don’t need an assistant.
  4. Bluetooth Violin Bow — this is awesome in so many directions. Sensors EVERYWHERE! I wonder what hackable uses it has …
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  • Andrew

    Re: Bluetooth violin bow, we got this great quote from the composer of the composition being debuted by the Kronos Quartet next week,

    Says Douglas Quin, the composer of Polar Suite, written for K-Bow: ” “It really is like a Harry Potter wand.”

  • One more thing, K-Bow definitely can control whatever you want via our K-Apps program enviroment.

    Data from K-Bow and K-Apps can be sent to external devices in the form of MIDI or OSC (Open Sound Control) messages using the MIDI/OSC Routing window. K-Apps can also accept incoming MIDI information using this same window. A K-Bow simulator is located here for working on pieces without a bow.