O'Reilly Radar Show 5/10/12: The surprising rise of JavaScript

Peter Cooper examines JavaScript’s ascendance and Steve Souders discusses web performance tools.

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The Radar interview

JavaScript’s ascendance has caught many people by surprise. Fluent Conference co-chair Peter Cooper explains why and how it happened in this episode of O’Reilly Radar [interview begins 12 seconds in].

Radar posts of note

Here’s a look at some of the top stories recently published across O’Reilly [segment begins at 11:58].

First up, Mike Hendrickson has published his annual five-part analysis of the computer book market. “State of the Computer Book Market” is a must-read for publishers and developers alike. The full report is also available as a free ebook. Read the series.

In a recent interview with Etsy’s Mike Brittain we learned that a failure in secondary content doesn’t need to take down an entire website. Brittain explains how to build resilience into UIs and allow for graceful failures. Read the post.

Finally, in our piece “Big data in Europe” Big Data Week organizers Stewart Townsend and Carlos Somohano share the distinctions and opportunities of Europe’s data scene.
Read the post.

As always, links to these stories and other resources mentioned during this episode are available at radar.oreilly.com/show.

Radar video spotlight

During a recent podcast interview, Velocity Conference chair Steve Souders described himself as an “optimization nut.” Find out what that means — and discover how to stay on top of the latest web ops and performance techniques — in this episode’s video spotlight [segment begins at 13:04].

Here are the web operations and performance resources Steve Souders mentions during the video spotlight segment:


All of the links and resources noted during this episode — including those mentioned by Steve Souders in the previous segment — are available at radar.oreilly.com/show.

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