Four short links: 3 October 2013

USB in Cars, Capture Presentations, Amazon Redshift, and Polytweeting

  1. Hyundia Replacing Cigarette Lighters with USB Ports (Quartz) — sign of the times. (via Julie Starr)
  2. Freeseerfree, open source, cross-platform application that captures or streams your desktop—designed for capturing presentations. Would you like freedom with your screencast?
  3. Amazon Redshift: What You Need to Know — good write-up of experience using Amazon’s column database.
  4. GroupTweetAllow any number of contributors to Tweet from a group account safely and securely. (via Jenny Magiera)
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  • Joe

    I’ve already had rental cars that have USB ports for the stereo setup, able to read the (classic) ipod or memory stick full of music and play it directly…plus charge it as well. They don’t work as well with iPhones since iPhones store the music a different way…though they probably do at least still charge the phone.