Four short links: 26 June 2009

Biz Numbers, Progress, Curse of the Mummy Tweets, and Crime Viz

  1. Size vs Growth vs Acceleration (Rowan Simpson) — you can tell how well a company is doing by the basis on which they report their progress.
  2. Engineers Are The Best Deal, So Stock Up On Them (TechCrunch) — Software engineers today are about 200-400% more productive than software engineers were 10 years ago because of open source software, better programming tools, common libraries, easier access to information, better education, and other factors. This means that one engineer today can do what 3-5 people did in 1999! (via Simon Willison)
  3. Livetweeting a Mummy CT Scan — this is why I love my Brooklyn Museum’s 1stfans membership–I know that I’m supporting the museum with the coolest online outreach.
  4. 20 Visualizations to Understand Crime (Flowing Data) — thoughtful analyis of a set of visualizations of crime statistics.
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