Four short links: 28 December 2009

Transit Data, Meaningful Metrics, Best Universe Data, and Science on Screen

  1. GTFS Data Exchange — site for sharing the files that Google Transit collects from public transit agencies. This lets third party developers write apps that don’t involve Google.
  2. Tenureometer — if you are what you measure, let’s build good measures. This is one for higher education, designed to measure scholars’ impact on their fields by counting how much they have contributed to the literature and how frequently those articles have been cited.
  3. The Known Universe — rendered according to the best data science has. Beautiful.
  4. 100 Incredible Lectures from the World’s Top Scientists — it’s an astounding collection for everyone to have access to. I’m cheekily delighted by the thought that TED talks will become the next generation’s equivalent of the cheesy 16mm educational film: “oh no, not another famous person giving a 20 minute presentation on a life-changing approach to something! It’s as naff as Spongebob and that silly multicolour Google logo!”
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