Four short links: 2 June 2010

WikiLeaks Ethics, Education Business Opportunities, Corewar Updated, Watch Google IO

  1. Wikileaks Launched on Stolen Documents (Wired) — Wired claims the first set of documents was obtained by running a Tor node that users connected to (“exit node”) and saving the plaintext that was sent to the users, without their knowledge. Reminds me of the adage that nothing big in Silicon Valley starts without being some degree of evil first: YouTube turning a blind eye to copyright infringement, Facebook games and spam, etc.
  2. VC Investments in EducationCleantech investors are chasing a 3x larger market than Education and yet are putting 50-60x the money to work chasing those returns.
  3. Cells: A Massively Multi-Agent Python Programming Game — a sweet-looking update on the old Core War game.
  4. Google IO 2010 Session Videos Online — I’m keen to learn more about BigData and Prediction APIs, which seem to me an eminently sensible move by Google to play to their strengths.
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  • jennifer

    This is controlled leak. When The Afghan War Diary is simultaneously given to reporters from The New York Times, The Guardian and Der Spiegel, and the US government only “strongly condemns” it means that they’re willingly letting you read something that would never have gone public if it was important, secret or in the nature of harming the agenda of the US foreign policy.

  • @jennifer: I agree. Maybe it’s part of the game. Give something away to feed the mass. But the real secrets remain secret. I’m curious what comes next.

  • Sure it is controlled leak. It`s almost like washing your dirty laundry in public before some else does it; with the exception, that the REAL dirty laundry gets washed hiddenly. Only time can tell how wikileaks will play a bigger role in deconstructing this false fassade of mass media and government