Four short links: 14 March 2012

Data Beats The Flip, Copyright Cretins, Clustering Tool, and iOS UI Gallery

  1. Lessons Learned from a Blended Learning Pilot — the end-of-pilot report from using Khan Academy for 80-90% of class time. Most interesting is the growing feeling that K.A.’s value comes from analytics on exercises and not the videos: The students greatly preferred working through the problem sets to
    watching the videos. Students turned to their peers, the hint, and
    the classroom teacher much more often than they did the linked Khan
    (via Dan Meyer)
  2. Belgian Copyright Society Are Titanic Assholes (BoingBoing) — demanding that public libraries pay royalties when volunteers read to groups of ten or so small children. SABAM is demanding €250 per year from each cash-strapped library. Most authors are great people. Most collecting societies seem to become cultural ass cancer. See also Access Copyright in Canada.
  3. Bayon (Google Code) — a simple and fast [GPL v2] hard-clustering tool. Bayon supports Repeated Bisection clustering and K-means clustering. (that’s what she said)
  4. Pttrns — gallery of iOS UI patterns.
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